Lets be blunt, none of us are in the first flush of youth and we all need to be aware of the possibility of someone being taken ill at a General Meeting or at an Interest Group.

We recommend that all members supply the Membership Secretary & the Group Leaders of any interest groups with an ICE contact. ICE stands for “In Case of Emergency” and the contact should be someone you would want to be informed should you be taken ill .

It is good practice to have at least one ICE contact number in your phone and/or your purse or wallet not just for U£A but at all times so should you be taken ill someone can be informed. That is, of course, after the ambulance has been called if needed.

The Community Centre has a defibrillator available and Groups that go out and about have first aid kits, or will shortly if they don’t yet.

However there are places we can find out more information about basic First Aid and there are some links below for anyone that is interested.

The Red Cross


St Johns Ambulance


There are also Apps for your mobile phone or tablet. See links below or visit your App Store.