Ramsey & District U3A – Network Event 1 June 2016 

Our aims were:

To provide a programme that was Informative, Friendly and Fun echoing the U3A motto of Learn Laugh Live.

  • To be interactive.
  • To give experience in how to provide Shared Learning Projects.
  • To work as a team giving everyone the opportunity for input.

We based our modules and workshops on the hexagon ‘Why help your U3A’ issued by National Office.

Network Day002

We started by Speed friend-shipping with members who we didn’t know. This proved to be very successful and involved a general hubbub.

This activity illustrated Enjoyment/Social Activity, Connection/Making new friends.

This was followed by three craft groups hopefully making something they had not experienced before. We chose hedgehog list holders made from old books, bird feeders from tin cans and string and U3A fridge magnets. Three less craft minded groups were each asked to provide a Shared Learning Project with a local organisation; in this case Ramsey Rural Museum, the Abbey Walled Garden and the Ramsey Mortuary Chapel.

Participants were not quite sure why they were asked to complete these tasks but were assured they would understand later.

This illustrated Knowledge/Learning new skills and Networking/Expand Horizons.

Finally, back in their original groups the task was team building. This involved using two team building games and was a great success because everyone now knew everyone else and worked together to complete their task.

This illustrated Rewarding/Feel Valued and Satisfaction/Team Player.

The conclusion was a power point presentation using the hexagon to show how each workshop/module had incorporated the U3A ethos through an interactive experience.

Cake and tea were provided and everyone went on their way clutching crafts, hexagons and hopefully memories of fun and laughter. I am pleased to say comments made to me and committee members were extremely positive.

We were delighted to have Lynda Andrews (deputising for June Welton, Regional Volunteer) and Adrian Breacker (Regional Trustee) with us. Photos were taken to be included in next month’s local paper and hopefully raise the profile of the U3A in Ramsey.

Finally I would like to thank the committee for their tireless efforts to make this day a success and the members from the Ramsey U3A who attended and boosted our numbers.

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Enid Hubbard