The  Story So Far……

At the beginning of 2016 a rumbling of interest gradually gained momentum and culminated with the formation of the Ramsey U3A Metal Detecting group on Wednesday 22nd June. Initially there was much to do to ensure that the group could operate within legal requirements and national guidelines. Firstly it was necessary that all members of the group should also be members of The National Council for Metal Detecting which provides the necessary insurance indemnity and a national code of conduct.

The next stage was to secure legal agreements with local landowners to operate on their land and to specify how any valuables would be shared. Our very first group ‘dig’ was eagerly anticipated and we waited patiently while our Farmer friends toiled throughout late summer to complete their harvest and leave us some bare soil to explore. Meanwhile our gardens filled in as practice sites and every month at our regular get together in The White Lion at Bury we would plan our future exploits and display our recent ‘finds’. Brian King would consistently win the ‘best finds on show’ accolade, mainly because at that stage his were the only finds on show.


On Thursday 15th September we launched ourselves on an agreed site at Hollow Lane, Ramsey.


It was an eerily foggy morning as we gathered together with detectors, probes, spades and trowels ready to lay bare the secrets lying below the tilled soil. The field looked massive as we stepped out with great excitement, anticipation and apprehension and although we were all rank beginners, apart from our tutor and leader Andy Wingham, any lack of experience was more than compensated for by our huge enthusiasm.

In a very short time metal ‘treasures’ were being regularly unearthed even though a tarpaulin ring wasn’t the toga clasp that we hoped it might be and the iron age pieces turned out to be a broken gate latch.

It’s difficult to imagine how so much camaraderie and excitement can be enjoyed simply from unearthing rusty nails and broken bits of agricultural equipment. I can’t wait for the ‘show and tell’ at our next pub meeting and a briefing on our next exciting dig. Who knows what treasures are lurking below our detectors as we venture forth into more unexplored territory. King John’s treasure is still out there somewhere in the fen. (See Gallery Page for other pictures).

On 13th October 2016 we ventured out on our second dig at Warboys Common, amid great excitement as this was a very promising, previously unexplored, piece of land and we thank our farmer friend for allowing us to access.


Suffice to say that the finds were plentiful and will be displayed on here soon but as a taster I can show you one exciting coin that was found by Terry & Dave.


Warboys Finds - Dec Show

Some Other Finds from Warboys Heath October Dig