At last we are up and running (perhaps strolling is more appropriate as we regain our strength after lockdown). On August 11th 20 brave souls including several new members met at The George pub in Ramsey Forty Foot for a series of short games.

I think I can say we all had a most enjoyable 2 hours playing, chatting and above all, laughing. In all the excitement I forgot to take any photos to mark the occasion but will remedy that next time.

There is only sufficient room for 1 match (with  up to 4 a side) at a time but I am sure we will be able to fit in a couple of games each. There is no charge for using the pitch or the pub facilities but it would be appreciated if members purchased refreshments from the pub.

Other Wednesday visits can be arranged.

If you are interested in joining us I can be contacted on 01354677320.

Dave Gilbert-Hill