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Warmington Mill on a lovely spring Day

Warmington Mill on a lovely spring day in April. We walked from Fotheringhay to Elton, then back for lunch at the Falcon.

This group gets out and about in the countryside for walks between 4 and 7 miles. The route is selected by the leader and an email is sent to all group members with times and details. We travel in members cars, by mutual agreement, between 10 and 30 miles (petrol money donations gratefully received).

A meal at a pub or restaurant near the end of the walk is a tasty reward!

Suitable boots and waterproofs are essential for winter walks.

The third Tuesday of each month has been suitable for most keen members, so we have settled on that from now on.

A walk in Godmanchester Nature Reseve with Lunch at the Grand Piano Cafe.

Cooks Stream 1

Chinese Bridge Godmanchester

Cook's Stream 2

A Daisy Path in wonderful weather

Cook's Stream 3

Liz and The Ouse


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