In 2017 at the 8th March Meeting, Mike Ringe brings in what is undoubtably the groups biggest find to date. Despite it’s bomb like appearance it was decided it was probably some sort of motor or dynamo casing, mainly due to the cable windings inside… anyway Mike it’s certainly big enough to get your picture into our rogues gallery…

Mikes Big Find

Mikes Big Find

On Thursday 16th March a small intrepid band set out for Hunstanton beach on a cold windy day……..

Fish & Chips

Best Find ofthe Day



A Visitation from the Boss - July 2017 - at the Hollow Lane Site

A Visitation from the Boss, Enid Hubbard, – July 2017 – at the Hollow Lane Site. I think we were up to scratch !!!

Dig on Ex-Abbey Ground 11th September 2017

Hollow Lane - Group Picture


Finds Composite

The ring that was found cleaned up quite nicely and has gone to those who are better informed to see if it is a find of any significance.

29 Hollow Lane - Ring1

2017 was rounded off heartily with a Christmas Dinner at the White Lion. The Grubby Shovel Awards were won by Mike Ringe for having the biggest find of the year plus a 50% stake in digging up the years most interesting find, Fran Holland received a special Grubby Shovel Award for being the group’s ring-pull queen.

2017 Presentation Awards

2017 Presentation Awards