Writing for Pleasure

It has been said that everyone has at least one book inside them. I don’t know about that but I do know a great many of us have stories to tell. They often come from personal experience but the inspiration may come from elsewhere. For example they might be inspired by a footpath through the woods; a sighting from the bus; a remark overheard at the checkout; a piece of music or a picture. The sources of inspiration are endless, but often what is needed is the forum and encouragement to write about them. The aim of ‘Writing for Pleasure’ is to be that forum.

What is Writing for Pleasure?

It is an opportunity for people to put pen to paper to express their opinions, record their memories, experiment with imagination and be ‘individual.’ Throughout our working lives our writing has probably been professional, technical, informative, instructional or record keeping.
Now we can experiment!!
All sorts of genres can be tried, using a range of styles: Poetry, Prose or Plays, First Person or Second Person, Letters and Diaries, Interviews and Reports, Stories for Children and Adults, Family History and Biography, Discussions and Debates.
The most important thing to remember is that NOW, at our age, we have such a vast experience of life, the world and people in it. We have, therefore, a huge stock of material to use as content of our writing. The other joy is that we benefit from seeing and hearing how others respond to the same tasks in a variety of ways, so that we gain from that too. No two writing groups are the same, thank goodness, because of the individuality of each member in each group ……. So …….HAVE A GO