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A Happy New Year to all our members

 A Little Bit of Magic’

Our seasonal pantomime took place on Tuesday 13th December 2016, it was so popular, that we had to have two performances! The Mayor of Ramsey and her husband attended the 2.15pm show and June Welton representing the local U3A Network was invited to attend the 4.30pm show.

What an amazing afternoon we were given, Sylvia King, our stage manager gave a warm welcome to all who were attending, she told us of the tradition of pantomime and how the audience needed to be a part of the action by singing along, cheering and booing at the appropriate time.

Curtain up, we were ready to be spell bound!

The pantomime took place at a B&Q staff canteen, the cast wore orange tabards and a huge B&Q sign took pride of place on the rear wall of the stage. Fairy tale characters were appropriated from such well-known tales as Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Red Riding Hood, Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast.

The panto was well received by both audiences, and the following message was received from the Ramsey mayor.

Would you please convey my thanks to the Chairperson and Deputy who ensured that I had a lovely time at the panto.  The play was absolutely fantastic, a true pantomime!!   Please offer my congratulations to all the actors/actresses who magnificently rendered an inspired and modern version of the need to remember fairy tales. Who on earth saved a copy of the May Reporter?

I am very interested in joining U3A but it will have to wait until I have relinquished my commitments as Mayor as this does require availability, something I was not able to offer easily until I retired in February.  I now find that I have at least 2 appointments per week, if not more and often wonder what I did when I worked!!

Adela Costello

After the 4.30pm performance, Enid was presented with a bouquet of roses and a scarf from members of the cast and back stage staff.


Cast in order of Appearance:

Brian King – Buttons

Anne Fieldhouse – Belladonna

Rosalind Wilson – Hysteria

Anne Thompson – Snow White

Jane Cusworth – Ella

Emily – Emily Cain

John Austin – Prince Charming

Bill Thompson –  Prince Florian

Christine Mudd-Wingham – Fairy Nuff

Terry Hubbard – The Wolf

Nina Akehurst – Regina Blackheart

Lesley Owen – Mirror/Tannoy

Pat Sutton – Jeannie


The production team was headed by Enid Hubbard, who wrote and directed the panto and oversaw the following:

Stage manager – Sylvia King; Assistant Manager – Fran Holland;

Pianist – Janet Owen; Sound and Lighting – David Cain and David Cusworth;

Costumes – Lynda Lewis, Jenny Macro, Gina Randall and Pat Sutton;

Props – Gill Dower and John Taylor; Scenery – John Austin, Fred and Pauline Fountain;

Stage hands – Mike Lewis and Andy Wingham; Make-up – Rebecca Cain;

Front of House – Pat Taylor and Thelma Austin.

Thanks to Stage One Productions, B&Q Huntingdon and C.J.Ingle Ltd Ramsey.



Back in November, the winner of the letter M competition was Fran Holland who scooped both first and second places

Our next letter for the competition is ‘N’ and will take place at our January meeting.

Future Open Meetings

Our next Open Meeting will take place on Tuesday 10th January 2017 at the Community Centre, when our speaker will be Jason Middleton and his subject “The Pearl.”

The ‘Petstay’ people will be coming to this meeting, they will put up a board and will not pressurise anyone. The link in case you want to have a look at them is http://www.petstay.net/find-your-local-branch/petstay-peterborough-south-west-lincs/
The couple running it are called Chris & Yvonne
BOOK SWAP Margaret Thornton will be reopening the “Book Swap”. A box will be available for members to bring books and swap them for others. No payment is involved but we would ask members not to bring lots of books at any one time. If books remain “unswapped” in the box for more than a couple of meetings, they will be donated to Charity shops.

Other News

Anglia Network Meeting. 

You are invited to the next Anglia Network Meeting on Wednesday, February 1st in March Library.

Tea and coffee available from 13.45 with a 14.00 start.

Parking is free in the City Road Car Park. There is also some free parking, including disabled spaces, to be found if you turn left as you enter the car park and drive towards the Leisure Centre. This is also the way to walk from the Car Park to the Library. The Library is closed on Wednesday afternoons so walk by the main entrance and round the building to the side door. If you need more directions, please contact me.


Hoping to see you in February.

Jennifer Boxall

Chairman March U3A


If you are over 75, or live with someone who is, you’re entitled to a free TV licence.  The thing to remember is that it’s not an automatic benefit when you turn 75; if you’re eligible, you’ll need to apply.  The process is simple:  Call 0300 790 6131 or visit www.tvlicensing.co.uk/over75info

We are looking for volunteers to meet and greet new members by becoming ‘friends’ or ‘Mentors’ and help them settle-in at our U3A. Please contact any member of the committee if you think you can help, thank you.

And Finally

The raffle in November for the knitted blanket raised £60 for Diabetes UK.

Car Parking – Please remember to park your car considerately and use the car park adjacent to the Co-op store if you are able.

Christmas Cracker Jokes

What did the sea say to Santa? Nothing! It just waived.

Why does Santa have three gardens? So, he can ‘ho, ho, ho’!

Who is Santa’s favourite singer? Elf-is Presley!

Editor: Mike Lewis