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The chairman (Sheila Gilbert-Hill) welcomed all to the first meeting of 2019 by wishing all a very Happy New Year. Usual safety notices were read out.  And a reminder that table and chairs are available for less able members when we have tea and coffee.

One of our committee has stood down due to family commitments. The committee can continue for the moment with eight members, but we need volunteers so that our U3A may continue in the future.

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place on 9th April 2019, AGM Proposal Forms and Committee Nomination Forms will be available in the foyer or online. The deadline for the return of forms is 13th March 2019.

Sheila went on to say that Anglian Water, have asked permission to take photographs during their presentation. Those who do not object will be asked to sign a disclaimer to that effect.

The Digital Photography Group are displaying a series of photobooks, calendars, and other related items of interest.

Enid Hubbard then asked for volunteers to take part in our pantomime, which will be held on Saturday 7th December, when we will have two shows. Front of stage, backstage and costume and set designers are all required. Volunteers to contact Enid via proforma available at our next general meetings. Rehearsals will start in September!

The Groups Co-ordinator (Jane Cusworth) then gave group news, the Food and Cookery Group is being reformed, Irene Lugg is the contact if you would like to join/re-join this group. This group will meet on the first Monday of the month. The Chess group are looking for new members to join, they meet on the fourth Monday of the month. There will be a Group Leaders meeting on February 1st2019 at the Ramsey Library starting at 2.00pm. Petanque will restart in February (weather permitting). The Film Group will also be resuming in February. New members are also required for Book Clubs, Writing for Pleasure, Hand Chimes and Cycling.

Each month in the foyer, groups will be able to display their wares and have the chance to talk to members about their activities. It will be first come first served, so group leaders, get your groups working on your presentations.  In February, the Card Group will be displaying their wares.

Terry Hubbard will be relinquishing his role as Trips/outings group leader and we will need a replacement if this group is going to continue.

A big thank you to all Group Leaders for keeping their web pages and calendars up to date. Please ensure that your attendance registers are handed in to Jane. If your group collects money and keep accounts, can you let Lynda Lewis have end of year details.  To all members, please keep looking at our website, Aspire and the notice boards.

The chairman then introduced the speaker for the afternoon, Mike Farmer. Mike is a Project Manager for Anglia Water, he is a part time member of the Army Reserve. The aim of his presentation was to give us an insight into the way Anglia Water wishes to serve its customers over the next years. Each member has a touch pad in order to respond to questions during the presentation.

Mike’s first question was to ask the meeting if any got their water through Cambridge Water, as the majority put their hands up, he jokingly replied that was the end of his presentation! However, he explained that in Ramsey/Bury water delivery is split between Anglia and Cambridge Water.

The East Anglia region was the driest in respects of rainfall, so water was collected from rivers and aquafers, with water collected in reservoirs such as Grafham Water. To keep customers bills as low as possible, the amount from each £1.50 collected is split into 15p for new mains. 8p for energy costs. 10p in taxes and £1.17 put back into the business.

Each person uses 88 litres every day, the most water being used for flushing toilets, with personal washing a close second. Anglia Water have several free water saving devices that can be obtained by going online. A question was put to members and included fitting of smart meters. Would they give you peace of mind? 49% or would they invade privacy? 51%? Would you have a meter fitted? Yes 53% No 36% Maybe 11%.

Mike went on to talk about the environment, climate change and what Anglian Water were planning to do when hotter dryer weather appeared. They intend to reduce water leaks, become more water efficient and adapt to different situations as they appeared. A question was put to members about Anglia Water’s plans. Should they hold as now? 2%, Plan but don’t invest? 15%. Plan and deliver? 83%.

Plans in force included the protection of wildlife, the protection of biodiversity, and safeguards to stop invasive species, a question put to members was should Anglia water do more than the legal minimum required Do the minimum? 3%. Do a little More? 17%. Do much more? 80%. Mike then went on to describe future working with farmers, to reduce contamination from manure and chemical spreading. A question on how they should work with agriculture Yes? 90% No? 0% Don’t know?10%.

The session finished with a question and answer session from members:

Low water levels at the sailing club on Grafham – they should be back to normal by March.

Water meters in all new builds – Yes

Domestic water tasting of Chlorine – Call the water company, they will come and check.

Low water pressure in Berwick – Mike will talk to mains teams and check.

A water grid to transport water from Scotland – cost would be in the millions of pounds an unlikely scenario.

Mike concluded by saying that sunflower and lavender seeds were available for members to take away. Group photos were then taken.

The chairman thanked Mike Farmer for an interesting afternoon, and we broke for tea, coffee and biscuits.

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Our second general meeting of 2019 will take place on Tuesday 12th February at the Community Centre, Stocking Fen Road, Ramsey, starting at 2.00pm., the presentation will be by Jason Middleton, his subject “The History of Jewellery.”


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A couple of elderly men were venting their frustrations about the woes of modern technology “I just can’t remember my passwords, “grumbled one of them. The other one smiled. “Oh really? I can never forget mine! I simply set all my passwords to ‘Incorrect’ so that whenever I’m told that my password is incorrect, I’ll remember it!”

A mature lady decided it was time to get her body in shape once and for all. She joined an aerobics class for seniors, and spent a whole hour jumping, twisting, gyrating and sweating. Unfortunately, by the time she had put her leotard on, the class was over!

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